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Pharma Update Part 2: Caring for Patients who Use Opioids
JANUARY 11, 2018: Do you know the appropriate use of opioid analgesics in treating your patients with chronic pain syndromes? What medication assisted treatments do yo you use to care for your patients with chronic pain and opioid withdrawal?
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Pharma Update Part 1: The Impact of the Opioid Epidemic on our Patients and our Practice
OCTOBER 17, 2017: Did you know the fatal opioid-related overdose rate in MA was more than double the national avg. in 2014? How confident are you in your skills to successfully counsel your patients with SUD?
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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training and Education for the Healthcare Professional
COMING FALL 2018: LIVE WORKSHOP, Learn about early identification, treatment, prevention, and linkage to services for victims who experience DV or SA.
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