MGH Institute of Health Professions

Available Courses

IHP Clinical Teachers Workshop Winter 2019: Intersectionality - Engaging Learners in Discussions about Systems that Influence Inclusiveness and Diversity in Healthcare Delivery
FEBRUARY 28, 2019 Learn about the framework of intersectionality and its relation to understanding and discussing your patients' healthcare experiences.
Introductory Workshop for Health Care Providers: Climate Change, Climate Justice, & Environmental Health
NOVEMBER 8, 2018: A 2-hour overview of climate change and its impact on health and the role of health care providers
Not Available
Point-of-Care Ultrasound for the Advanced Practice Provider
OCTOBER 19, 2019: LIVE SKILLS WORKSHOP, Learn the basic knowledge underpinning your hands-on skill in the use of ultrasound to diagnose common complaints in your clinical practice.
IHP Clinical Teachers Workshop Fall 2018: Wellness and Mindfulness as a Clinical Preceptor
OCTOBER 10, 2018: Come learn new ideas and skills as a clinical teacher and share ideas with an interprofessional community of like-minded preceptors.
IHP Clinical Teachers Workshop Part 4: Balancing Learner Supervision and Autonomy Decisions in Clinical Teaching
JULY 10, 2018 How do you observe and assess a learner's clinical performance?
Identifying Human Trafficking Victims in our Midst: A Public Health Response
JUNE 5, 2018: LIVE WORKSHOP to learn about human trafficking as a public health issue, and ways to support and provide care to persons who have experienced human trafficking.
Not Available
IHP Clinical Teachers Workshop Part 3: How to Incorporate Evidence in Clinical Teaching
MAY 31, 2018 *MGH EMPLOYEES ONLY* Improve your ability to understand and use evidence-based practice including the ability to ask clinically relevant questions, find and interpret research evidence, and apply evidence to practice.
Intro to Mind Body Spirit Health and Healing
APRIL 24, 2018: LIVE WORKSHOP promoting the concepts of cultivating resiliency and spiritual wellness grounded in scientific theory related to Mind Body Medicine.
Not Available
Leading Across Professions 2018
APRIL 5-6, 2018: If you could create the optimal interprofessional clinical learning and practice environment of the future, what would it look like?
Not Available
IHP Clinical Teachers Workshop Part 2: The Feedback Challenge
JANUARY 24, 2018 *MGH EMPLOYEES ONLY* Come explore the emotional and social bases for challenging feedback discussions and practice two types of feedback processes 1) advocacy-inquiry and 2) feedback alliance.